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King Abdulaziz University - Faculty of Architecture and Planning

Tel: 6400000 P.O. Box 80210 Jeddah 21589


Dean of the faculty / Dr. Muhammad bin Ahmed Al-Amoudi
Phone: 6952188       Fax: 6952756

Ext: 52188

 To contact the Dean:  AP@KAU.EDU.SA

 Director of the Dean’s Office, Ext: 51580


Vice dean of the faculty for Educational Affairs  / Dr. Ayman bin Amin Imam

Ext: 66620

To contact the agent: AP-VD@KAU.EDU.SA  

Director of the faculty Vice Dean’s Office, Ext: 68325

Dean of the faculty for Postgraduate Studies/ Dr. Imad bin Muhammad Qarunfla

Ext: 61997

To contact the Vice Dean for Graduate Studies: AP-VDGS@KAU.EDU.SA

Director of the Office of the faculty Vice Dean for Postgraduate Studies, Ext: 62409

Vice Dean of the faculty for Female Students/   Dr. Ruba Muhammad Shaheen

To contact the faculty dean:

Director of the secretary’s Office, Ext: 26511

Development and Quality Unit /   Dr. Abdulaziz bin Naji Effendi

Ext: 65335

To contact the development agent: AP-DQU@KAU.EDU.SA

Director of the Development and Quality Unit Office, Ext: 65335

manager director

Ext: 66622

Head of the Architecture Department/ Dr. Iyad bin Khalid Maimani

Ext: 52190

Department Head Secretary :    Ext: 66615

Head of the Urban and Regional Planning Department / Dr. Ahmed bin Muhammad Abed

Ext: 64708

Department Head Secretary :    Ext: 68273

Head of the Environmental Architecture Department/Dr. Maher Mahfouz Saman

Ext: 52743

Department Head Secretary :  Ext: 68232

Head of Geomatics Department/Dr. Kamel bin Saeed Faisal

Ext: 67096

Department Head Secretary : 60208

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