vice deanship for female campus


Vice Deanship of Architecture and Planning Faculty- Female Campus at King Abdulaziz University is proud to present the dedicated and innovative Architecture and Planning Faculty, providing a nurturing environment for aspiring female architects and planners to excel and thrive. The Vice Deanship is committed to empowering women in the fields of architecture and urban planning, fostering creativity, and preparing students for successful careers in these dynamic professions.


In addition to the academic programs and facilities, there are three dedicated units to support the success of female students:



  • Academic Service Unit for Female Students: is a crucial part of the Vice Deanship for female students. Its main mission is to ensure that the educational process runs smoothly and maintains high standards in every semester. The unit follows university systems, rules, and guidelines, including study and examination regulations.


  • Academic Advising and Specialized Guidance Unit for Female Students:  aims to pvent educational setbacks and dropouts. It helps female students adapt to university life by providing academic support, leading to confident, knowledgeable graduates. The unit also assists new female students in choosing suitable majors based on their abilities, not just their pferences.


  • Administration Coordination Unit: aims to efficiently managing the administrative needs, by planning, organising, and executing administrative and financial tasks for the development of the female student section.



The Architecture and Planning Faculty at King Abdulaziz University is committed to providing an exceptional education that equips the male and female students to become leaders in the fields of architecture and urban planning.




Vice Dean – Female Campus

Dr. Ruba Zakaria Muhammad

Last Update
3/26/2024 11:42:13 AM