Vice Deanship for Educational Affaires

The role of the Vice Deanship for Educational Affaires is to follow up on the progress of the educational process according to the rules and regulations for the bachelor’s degree, and to implement approved policies and programs in the areas of student affairs and educational support services, in addition to working to achieve the goals set for them. The Vice Deanship for Educational Affaires also seeks to develop and continuously improve the academic work environment, raise the efficiency of the performance of units associated with the agency, and strive to provide an educational environment that stimulates academic achievement and creativity to move forward towards achieving the desired excellence in performance to achieve the faculty's vision and mission, while adhering to quality standards and academic accreditation. It includes:


Educational Affairs Unit

Academic Advising and Specialized Guidance Unit

Practical training unit

Exit-Exam Unit

E-learning Unit

General and professional diplomas Unit

Community and Environment Service Unit

Student Activities Unit

Student Clubs Unit

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