Competition test for admission of students to the doctoral program


The comparison test will be held on Thursday 2/15/2024, in the postgraduate Studies Hall on the fourth floor of the College of Architecture and Planning building.

Proposed topics to be covered in the exam:

  1. History of Urban and Regional Planning: Influential ideas, theoretical schools, and recent developments in the field of urban and regional planning.
  2. Urban and Regional Analysis: Methods of analyzing and evaluating urban patterns and the demographic, social, economic, and cultural changes in cities.
  3. Urban Planning and Sustainable Development: The concept of sustainable development and its application in urban and regional planning, achieving a balance between economic, social, and environmental needs in cities.
  4. Urban Planning and Environmental Sustainability: Natural resource sustainability, green urbanism, sustainable transportation, carbon emissions reduction, and green building technology.
  5. City and Community Design: Principles and methods of city and community design, master planning, street design, public spaces, and sustainable community development.
  6. Urban and Regional Planning Policies: Development and implementation of urban and regional planning policies, influential laws and regulations, and challenges related to implementation.
  7. Urban and Regional Planning and Technology: The role of technology in developing smart cities, smart planning, and urban communication.

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