Bachelor of Architecture Program

Bachelor of Architecture Program

The Department of Architecture was established in 1396 AH as part of the School of Environmental Designs at that time. The importance of the department is represented in the increasing need for local designers to keep pace with the urban development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which reflects the physical, cultural and spiritual nature of the society. The ceremonies within the department are characterized by the diversity of intellectual trends that keep pace with the latest global trends. The scientific content of the department's courses has evolved in line with the changes in the labor market. It also began in the year 1432 AH to activate the master's program in the department within the framework of encouraging graduate programs and taking advantage of the available human and material resources and to serve the community through applied research.

College Architecture and Planning
Section architecture
the scientific degree Bachelor
study years 5 Years
Credit hours 155 hour
Student class male


Leadership and global excellence in the field of architectural sciences and their applications.

the message:

Providing the labor market with distinguished architectural cadres to serve and develop society.

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