Bachelor's Program in Environmental Architecture

The Department of Environmental Architecture was established in 1396 AH as part of the School of Environmental Designs at that time. The specialty of environmental architecture is the science and art of planning, designing, managing and creating external spaces for the built environment and the natural environment in order to ensure their sustainability for future generations. The profession of environmental architecture aims to enrich awareness of environmental problems and the possibilities of their planning and design solutions. The profession of environmental architecture includes environmental planning for major transportation networks, open space systems, and the expansion of the built environment. It also includes planning and designing coastal, tourist, historical and residential sites. In addition, the profession of environmental architecture is concerned with designing the structural details of small facilities, such as umbrellas, aesthetic models, types of tiling, lighting, fountains, seating areas, theaters, external exhibitions, and many others. The environment architect uses the data of science and the planning and design arts to the natural sciences in order to reach sustainable solutions for the built, natural and human environments.

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