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The FED, at KAU, existed as three departments; Architecture, Urban and Regional Planning, and Landscape Architecture since 1976, where it started as the School of Environmental Design under the Faculty of Engineering. In 1997 FED was formed into an independent faculty where it later included a new Geomatics Department and three Graduate programs in the masters and PhD levels.

Being one of oldest and leading design schools in the kingdom with over 60 active academic, Saudi and multinational staff, the FED has played a major role in transforming the Saudi building industry and supplying the local workforce with thousands of alumni. In some cases the FED faculty has, and still is, directly involved in shaping some of the Kingdome most sensitive, and the world holiest, sites. In other cases, the FED has reached out to create successful regional and international alliances with aim to empower research, advance faculty academic standing, open unique opportunities for its students and graduates, and fulfill its social responsibilities.